Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Greetings, Oh Faithful Readers! From the most prolific joke writer on the planet...!

Apple’s top Artificial Intelligence guru comes from a university that taught computers to “defeat humans.” And judging by how we are ruled by our iPhones, iPads and video games, they did a pretty good job of it.

Experts say a stressful job can be good for a person’s health. Mostly because no matter how stressful a job may be, there is less stress than for the people who are still looking for one.

A report says a Roger Ailes miniseries is in the works. Which is good news in the fact that it means there will once again be some work for Ed Asner.

A report says election anxiety is so bad that people are turning off their computers and smartphones and avoiding social media. Or as many people call that, “a good start.”

A study says that brushing teeth can prevent heart attacks. Which is sad because that is the most exercise the majority of Americans will get all day.

A study says that brushing teeth can prevent heart attacks. Which just means more job security for all the cardiologists in the UK.

Lucasfilm is suing a Lightsaber academy that teaches people how to be a Jedi warrior. Not so much for copyright infringement, but because the academy is a subsidiary of Trump University.

A snake reportedly crawled out of the hood of a car in Florida. The driver found it when he thought he heard a rattle.

Ohio Governor John Kasich says Donald Trump’s claims of a “rigged” election are silly. If anything was rigged, it was a primary season where Donald Trump was actually able to get more people to vote for him than John Kasich.

A report says a Trump TV network could be three months away. Although it could be a lot earlier since it looks like trump will have a lot of free time on his hands after November 8th.

A report says a trump TV network could be three months away. Judging by the lead up to the election, it will be less like Fox News and more like Playboy TV.

A new rule says airlines will have to refund baggage fees if luggage is significantly delayed. Which means United Airlines will be handing back money even if the luggage makes it on the same flight as the passenger.

Facebook users can now endorse a presidential candidate on the site. Which is good news for anyone who wants to be defriended by half the people they know.

Scientists say they may have found a migraine trigger in the mouth. As expected, it is in the mouth of Donald Trump.

A study says that marijuana may lower a person’s bone density. Except for the thicker bone density that it causes right around the skull.

Pepsi says it is going to cut the amount of sugar and calories in its drinks. Which means they will also be looking at some pretty deep cuts in their sales.

That’s it for now, Oh Faithful Readers! I am putting this shortened edition out a bit early for Thursday as I will be heading home and have an early day coming up. I will try to get back on my normal (?) schedule on Friday, providing I don’t sleep past noon following a day of travel. Ugh. In the meantime, feel free to make sure to keep on always sending the love!

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